Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Friday - Got Sole?

Are shoes healthy?

Not to eat, that’s for certain. By no means do I recommend you eat your shoes, but shoes do tend to be one of the most important decisions you will make as a runner. 

Whether you’re buying your first pair of running shoes or you have a monthly shoe recycle rate, all the shoe options at your toe-tips can be overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to have all the answers, and neither do I, because the great people at Breakaway would love to be your shoe guru.

Before going to a local running store, consider a few things first to be the most prepared. There are a couple of questions to consider; firstly, where will you be running, and secondly, about how many miles a week will you log? These are two defining questions that can lead you to the common divide of trail shoes or road shoes. And if you’re wondering, there is a difference, and it does matter. Whether you care or not is completely up to you. Also, a great thing to do when you go to in to buy new shoes is to bring in your old pair. Your shoes are a good tell of how you run and where the wear and tear occurs the most according to your step. This is important in determining what kind of support you could benefit from. By benefit, I mean improve balance, lessen pain, straighten your stride, improve posture, etc.

If you’ve decided you do in fact want to run with shoes (yes, that is a choice), I recommend going to Breakaway, where they offer a free “gait analysis and footwear test,” so the running experts there can actually see how you step and give you the best shoe for what you want to do. I won’t pretend to know the methods and terminology behind their strategy, but I can attest that it works.  I run on clouds, and they came from Breakaway. On the other side of the shoe spectrum is barefoot running. Having never worn Vibrams myself, I can't say yea or nay to "barefoot" running, it's benefits or consequences. Yet another question for the gurus. Let us know your feedback if you do try them or have worn them before, so we can be more informed, too.

If you're the curious type, here’s what we’re wearing:

Janell - Saucony Progrid Guide 5    
Debi - Nike Air Pegasus 29
Dana - Asics- Gel Kayano                  
Stacey – Asics Gel Kayano
Dawn- Asics Cumulus
Jennifer - Mizuno Wave Rider 15

You'll be glad if you read all of today's post, because today we will be posting a Mid-Day Giveaway with a simple way to enter our weekend challenge. Check back here on our page later today to see what kind of things we're giving away!


  1. I love Breakaway! The guys there are simply the best. I recommend them to everyone. I despise the "other" running store here in town. They are not nice at all! I wear Brooks Glycerin 10's. Breakaway put me in them in November and I haven't looked back!

  2. Shoes? Did somebody say shoes? This girl right here is addicted to shoes. I recently did a link up on my blog about running shoes.

    No, I don't prefer and will not EVER again run in the Vibrams. I tried them out on the trails of Stanky Creek last year and ended up in physical therapy. I still swear it was the shoes. That's my take but many people have great luck with them. Me? I need supportive old lady shoes. My faves are the Saucony Guide 5's(like Janell).

    Have a great weekend girls!

  3. Oh so glad to hear back from y'all!!! And yes, it is all about the shoes!!! We had to show some Breakaway love, they provide so much support to memphis runners.

    Meredith so glad you are better and back out there killing it!! Go Girl!!

  4. Meredith, I knew you had good taste. ;) Those were the first shoes I bought when I started and 5 pairs of the same shoes later, still my fav!

    Thanks again for all your support! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Cecilia, thank you so for your support and encouragement! We look forward to getting to meet you.

    Just wanted to clarify, Girls Run the 901 supports all things running and definetly support anyone in Memphis who encourages and informs in all things running. Not partial to any store or person..anyone positive, encouraging and can educate us runners, we are behind!

    Again thank you and we will see you soon!