Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Am I ever going to be able to run?

Dawn here and sometimes I wonder: When will I get to run in today? First thing in the morning? Maybe this afternoon? Ok, may be after the kids go to bed? HELP!!!! Sometimes the hardest thing about running is WHEN?

Well it doesn't really matter when, it is really what is best for you. I have done morning, mid day, and late night runs, it all just depends on the day. The stage of life plays a big part. Stacey is getting her runs in at night, Dana gets her kids off to school before she hits the pavement, Janell likes the early morning, right now Jennifer is running around dinner time, and Debi and I will run into each other on the streets of Collierville in the evenings.

Maybe it depends on the weather? I also look at the weather forecast to plan my runs. If it's going to rain tomorrow I'll try to get a little longer run today. If its cold in the morning, I'll wait till later on in the day when it warms up. If its hot weather an early morning run is nice. I love seeing the sun come up and it is a great time to get a little quiet time in too! After the sun goes down is a option as well; late night summer runs are my husband and I's favorite time to run its cooler, quiet and we have the streets to ourselves. We have had some of our best conversations on those runs!

Each day may be different. You may get a couple of morning runs in and then the rest of the week it may be night runs. It doesn't matter when. it's what ever works for you and the stage of life you are in.

That's what's so great about running: you can do it whenever and wherever...just RUN!!

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  1. Great post! Running is definitely something that you can do wherever and whenever, as long as it's safe. Luckily, living in Collierville, I feel safe running at night! That's when I like to run in the summer. But I'm in a boot as of yesterday so no running for me for at least 2 weeks :(

    1. Cecilia, so sorry to hear that! We hope you heal up quickly! Thanks for your feedback and get well soon! We still need to meet you.