Thursday, January 31, 2013

We're all in this Together

Hi everyone! This is Stacey, they claim I am the most experienced runner in the bunch but I don’t believe that.  I have been doing this the longest but these girls have so much more wisdom than me … I simply run! I don’t know all things technical and don’t eat as healthy as I should, but these girls are teaching me new things all the time. I started running in college when my aerobic instructor didn't want to teach she made us run (she was a marathoner and I thought she was nuts!). Part of our final exam was a one mile run around the track – I passed the exam and cried – I’m not sure it was because I couldn't breathe or because I accomplished a goal!

I cannot tell you exactly when it became my passion, it just kind of happened over time. One thing I can say that has shaped it is my family. When I started running I worked full-time, went to school full-time, and dated Jason (my future husband) full-time. I didn't have much time for exercise. I enjoyed walking, biking, and was addicted to bench aerobics. Walking slowly became replaced with running – I could cover more distance in less time. As the years passed, I was now full-time wife to Jason and full-time mom to two young children. Finding time to make to the gym was harder than ever – scheduled classes were no longer convenient and the kids were over the nursery. I needed to do something I could control when I did it and how long I could do it for (something where drive time wasn't a factor). Running was my answer!
When the kids were younger (too young to be left alone) I would wake up early to get my run in before Jason left for work. How far I went depended on how early I was willing to get up. (I will say, the older I get the harder the early morning run is!) Long runs were saved for the week-ends when Jason was home. He has always respected it as my time. My time for solitude. My time to listen to my music. My time to think about what I wanted to think about. My time to talk to God. He never asked me to take the kids with me but only asked me to take my phone just in case he needed me. Let me say – I have run with some pretty big cell phones!

Now that the kids are older, they can stay alone so early morning runs aren't as vital. However, my runs are now scheduled around work, car line, games, practices, and other family activities. Schedule oriented gym classes are still not an option, so exercise requires creativity. Sometimes it is during the hour and a half I wait for soccer practice or after I have dropped off Meghan at school. There are still those days where life is just so busy the only way to get a run in is in the early morning hours before the day gets going. My advice to you … Plan your day ahead so you don’t miss your window to run!

Being a runner really involves the support of the whole family … we really are all in this together!

My support group …
Jason, Me, Meghan, and Parker
after the St. Jude Marathon 2011

Who’s in it with you?

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