Friday, February 1, 2013

Mid-Day Giveaway!

Today's Mid-Day Giveaway is sponsored by 901 local Bea's Bands
Run901 Girls sported this bling in Chicago this past Fall for the marathon, and we LOVED them!

If you've ever failed to have the correct color or logo to compliment your run-wear, Bea's Bands has you covered. These headbands are fashionable, they stay put, and they're only $5 for all styles and sizes.

For this giveaway we have a photo challenge, and we're giving you the whole weekend to participate.
To enter the challenge, send us a picture of yourself as you run this weekend. Be sure to tag yourself when you post your pic on the Girls Run the 901's Facebook page. 
We want to see you enjoying the 901as much as we do!

Two lucky participants will be chosen to each receive a Bea's Band headband. The winners will be posted on Monday on our Facebook page, so be sure to get your pictures in before then.

Now, brave the cold, and get out there!

Note, you do not need to live or run in the 901 to participate

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