Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello World!

Welcome to Girls Run the 901, we are so excited that you have come to visit!! So let's first explain who WE are...we are 6 girls that love to run, race, and generally have fun within the 901 area code (that's Memphis, by the way) and beyond. Some have ran for some time, and some have just recently started. So let me introduce you to the Girls...

Dawn...This awesome chick just started running 18 months ago and ran her 1st marathon in October (so proud of her!!!). She is Mom to 3 teenagers, wife, and works with special needs children. Loves the Lord (as we all do!!). 

Well you can't mention Dawn, without also talking about her sister Stacey (love her!!).   

Stacey...This girl is just amazing, she ran 3 marathons in 2012!! She is a Mom to two teenagers, wife and works at our Church. She can plan a road trip in a blink of an eye complete with goodies, and paint!!

If you are lucky enough to find a running partner that you can train and race with at the same pace, and to stay with you when finishing is questionable, you have been given an amazing gift because they are hard to find. Stacey and Dana are a dynamic duo, that conquer any distance. 

Dana...Now this is the rowdy one of the group. She refuses to run a race before putting make-up on, but she can run countless miles and still look picture worthy at the end!! But when it comes down to it, it's all about her boys!!

Another amazing duo are Jennifer and Janell. They did a Triathlon this past Summer!!

Jennifer...So much can be said about this passionate and adventurous girl. She just graduated from U of Memphis (whohoo!!) AND recently got engaged (OMG!!). How many students would run a marathon on Sunday and take an eight-hour bus ride back to school for class on Monday? This girl!! She also raises money to help International Justice Mission.

Janell...Supportive is the best way to describe this girl!! Whether it is at home, work, or running she is encouraging others and motivating them to be their very best. When she's not working, running, or at a Memphis Tigers game, she is enjoying family time with her husband and two kiddos. 

And then there is me. When I am racing, this is where you will find me.

Debi...I am a wife, mom to 1, and a career gal. I started running less than 2 years ago and with the companionship of these wonderful women, have grown to love running!!

Thank you for visiting our blog, and please click back soon as we post our experiences with life, running, family, and hopefully a recipe or two!

So, what are you running goals for 2013? 

What would you like us to write about?                                                                      


  1. I am THRILLED you girls have started this! I loved the first post! Keep em coming!

  2. Thank you SO much!! We'll do a link up to yours real soon!

  3. Hey girls! Found y'all randomly on Twitter and just wanted to send y'all some bloggy love! Come by my blog and visit! Blogging is so much fun and I love getting to meet people in real life!

  4. Well Hi to you too!! Thank you for checking us out and we'll be sure to visit yours!!

  5. This is awesome!! As a "girl that runs the 901" also, I cant wait to follow your post, check out your training tips and anything/ everything running!!