Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From the Couch to the Streets!!

Hi Y'all! This is Dawn, the old lady of the bunch! I am 46,  I have been married to a wonderful, Godly man, Mark for 20 years this coming May. We have 3 teenage children the oldest being the loveliest (yes, he is sitting here as I blog), I work with special needs children at our  elementary school and YES! I started running less then 2 years ago. So if I can do it anyone can!!

Where do I start? Let me go back to 2010. I was not feeling great, not my self. I was tired, no energy, head aches, gaining weight and generally not my happy self. So I went to the doctor, or I should say doctors. My primary doctor, a neurologist, a cardiologist,  my OBGYN and even our Vet (JK), no one could find anything more then a small cyst on my thyroid, so depression was the diagnosis...SORRY not me!! So I decided to make a change and get off my butt and do something about it. So in the spring of 2011 I talked Mark into try running with me. Now mind you, neither one of us had ever run. I told him that it has to help and that we would feel better because the only time Stacey, my favorite sister (only sister) is ever in a bad mood was when she didn't get a run in that day, which I never
could understand until I started running and now I AM the crabby one when I don't get to run!

Stacey, she is the professional runner, told me about Hal Higdon's Couch to 5k,
an 8 week program which I found as an app for my phone. No matter what level of training you are at Hal has an App for that!! It was great!  Hal guided us every step of the way. He would tell us when to walk. When to run. And gave us inspirational little quotes/sayings to keep us going. It would even play my music.  It was hard, and every day that it would tell us to run farther we were like "NO WAY!" "WE CANT RUN THAT LONG AT ONE TIME!" "NO WAY IN HAL ARE WE GOING TO RUN THAT FAR!" but we pushed on. With Mark being a Firefighter and not home every night we vowed  not go ahead in the program so we would do days over and then move on when we could run together. So it took us a little longer then 8 weeks to be ready to run the 5k,  if you are just starting, don't get discourage if you have to do days/weeks over again, it doesn't matter, what matters is that you will complete it and run your first 5k!  Running together was just as important to us as completing the program. Whether an early morning run or a late night one, it was a great time we shared together, and we made that time our to reconnect as a couple.

 I recommend having a running partner who encourages you, motivates you, and it just makes it more fun. But if you don't have some one to run with the "Girls run the 901" would love to encourage you and cheer you on! All of us had to get off the couch too...

Our first 5k.
The Chick Fil A 5k
in Memphis September 2011
Stacey, her daughter Meghan, Mark, our daughter Maddie Grace
and Me, the Old One.

And this was just the beginning....

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