Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Friday!

It's Friday! Yahoo!

 Every Friday we are hoping bring you Fashion Friday where each of us talks about one of our favorite pieces of workout gear to give you some ideas on fashionable finds to make you feel great while working out!

Stacey's favorite shorts are the Nike Tempo Track Shorts. She loves them because they are light and roomy (she recommends buying a size up) as well as found in great colors for all seasons! One other perk for her is that her teenage daughter is a fan as well and she gets many options because of that! These are a great staple to have in your workout choices!

Jennifer loves her Brooks Infiniti Headband. She wears is on those cold runs to keep her ears warm and keep the sweat out of her face. She likes it because it is not as heavy as fleece but still keeps her ears from getting too chilly.

Dana loves her Bondi Bands. They are a great addition to any workout outfit because they are just so darn cute. They have a lots of cute sayings as well as do a great job at keeping the hair and sweat out of your face!

Debi recently sported the Nike Women's Unexpected Run shirt. It's a sleeveless fitted top with a removable shrug with thumb holes. It's perfect for those days when you are not sure if a long sleeve shirt will be too warm and it's too chilly outside to start out with a tank. Very clever.

Dawn's favorite shirt is the C9 by Champion Women's Tech Tee. It's soft, comfortable and loose fitting and a great price! Let's face it, we love us some Target!

One of Janell's favorite winter pieces is her Tough Girl Skirt by Skirt Sports. She loves the skirt and the pants all in one piece. It comes in a lot of different patterns and is very well made. (plus they have great sales!)  It is a great way to have some layers and still sport the skirt!

We hope that gives you some ideas of things to wear and add to your workout wardrobe.

Have a great weekend!

Do you have any items you like to workout in?
Have you ever been able to walk into Target without purchasing something?


  1. I had never seen the Nike Unexpected shirt!?! That is crazy clever! I.Need.One.Now.

  2. You will love it!!! It has side pockets too to hold all the little essentials, especially for a long run. I'll message you a pic of another color I found.